Are you ready for transformation?

This is a divine sacred opportunity to work with Asahra in private space. Receiving activations, alignment & guidance to support you on your path in the moment.

Ready to break through patterns, have someone that is guiding you to see your highest potential & feel more connected to your own divine channel of flow & abundance?

This is for the Woman who are saying YES to themselves, ready to embody yourself in a much deeper way

Calling in the Woman who are ready to love deeper, shine & radiate their light into the world & relax into who you are as a soul.

Ready to activate your new soul frequency & transform yourself?

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Ashara Rose

I am a leader of the New Earth, Light Leader & Activator

Ashara is a guiding light to help you embody the new earth frequency of unconditional Love & Freedom.

She embodies herself, sacred temple & all parts of herself deeply.

It is her mission to help more beautiful souls, awaken to the love within, activate their highest divine path of love & light, step into more of your truth & authentic light.

Each individual has a divine soul mission on this earth plane. 

Ashara will see the highest potential in you & create energetic shifts to activate you on your path. 

We often feel stuck, lost & not knowing the way forward.

I believe deeply on creating our own destiny, we have the power to choose, to create & then to embody this frequency in the way that feels best for your soul.

Ashara will help you to align with your highest frequency through intuitive guidance, coaching, light language transmission & activations, reiki, light healing & embodiment rituals to integrate all that is received.

You will see the full potential in yourself, ready to take the next steps to align with your higher soul divine mission. Feeling more confidence, courage & power.

As a new earth leader I am here to show you the path to unlock your own gifts, magic and wisdom

The truth is you don’t need anyone telling you what to do, you already know what to do!

It’s natural to think that someone else has the answers for us, it’s the way we have been taught. We are all teachers & students of the earth

You always know, it’s a practice of allowing yourself to reveal what is inside on a deeper level, to feel and experience what is needed for your soul expanded path as you take the steps that are opened up for you

This is not always easy to do on our own, it’s takes commitment and awareness to keep aligning with your higher path and let go of the old layers & conditioning

A leader will guide you to see this within yourself, to reveal your deeper soul truths, desires and aligned path that will create more ease and flow

We are all walking the same path, the difference is you have your own divine path and wisdom & gifts you are here to shine out into the world

As a projector & intuitive I can see what you can’t see, I see the FULL potential in you and what is possible for you on the higher frequency

Personally I would not be where I am today without having a coach/mentor to help me up-level when it feels fkn scary!!

The New Earth way blows my mind as I continue to embody this way of being myself it feels so fkn FREE to know every day I can choose and align with the higher path available for me no matter what

Are you ready to embody the higher path available for you of divine & unconditional love, to have accountability and the push that you need to get out of the comfort zone?

I know I stayed in the ‘comfort zone’ for a long time but now I am so grateful I answered my deeper souls calling and chose the higher path RISING in LOVE 

Working with Ashara will completely transform your reality and way of living as you are now, be prepared for massive quantum leaps and feeling more love, joy, peace & freedom.

Let’s RISE Goddess

Ashara Rose x

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