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Ashara Rose Love

SELF LOVE: 4 week Cacao & Breathwork Journey

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Transformational Breathwork & Cacao Embodiment Journey to find yourself, connect and relax into who you are. To feel Whole and Complete as you are & activate the LOVE that is already inside you. This is a deep intensive journey where you will be guided through Ceremonial Cacao Embodiment & Holotropic Breathwork to receive the magic & healing from these powerful sacred rituals. Each week will guide you on healing journey to bring awareness to what is ready to be healed, shifted & cleared. You will experience a deep self healing & be able to accept yourself for all that you are & find a much deeper love for yourself.

Whats included

Videos - Everything you need to prepare for breathwork & integrate
Videos, tips & tools - how to prepare ceremonial cacao & receive its magic
4 x 60 minute Cacao Embodiment & Breathwork Journey
Week ONE: Forgiveness, Acceptance & Letting Go
Week TWO: Inner Child Connection & Healing
Week THREE: Womb & Heart Healing
Week FOUR: Wholeness, Whole & Complete As I Am
Journal Activations for each week

Life time access & login.

You can practice this as many times as you feel guided.

Ready to activate the love inside you?