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Freedom Cacao

Freedom Cacao x 3 Bags

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Our sacred bag of hand-shaved, organic, and ethically sourced cacao is a convenient way to enjoy cacao every damn day. She is infused with love, abundance and freedom. Each cup you consume contains frequencies to support you in your creativity, focus, awareness, and bliss. So put your freakin’ hands up, and chug-a-lug from the freedom cup baby!

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500g Shaved


You will receive info all about the benefits of cacao, how to prepare and add this to your life and receive all of its healing and magic. Plus a guided Breathwork & Meditation you can use to activate the cacao in your body

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SELF LOVE: Cacao & Breathwork Embodiment Journey

Transformational Breathwork & Cacao Embodiment Journey to support you in the embodiment in the medicine of cacao & awakening more unconditional love

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