The magic of Mama Cacao

Are you wanting to raise your vibes, become super human and manifest all the magic & abundance?

I'm your friend with benefits (health benefits of course) I am also known as the food of the god's

I know pretty big deal right?)

I’m a super sacred medicine all the way from Peru. I’ve been used in civilisations for many years in ceremony and celebration. I was even used in South American civilisations as currency and the Aztecs utilised me for my health benefits.

I’m about as pure and sacred as it gets (ceremonial grade of course).

Freedom Cacao is SO much more than a cup of hot choc! I've got multi dimensional healing powers!

Every part of my supply chain is done in an ethical and sustainable manner. From the growing to the sourcing to paying the farmers who looked after me, and even my packaging.

Some people say I’m just a cup of hot choc (I know, I was just as shocked as you!)…  I’m so much more than that…

I’ve got multi-dimensional healing powers.

I’m jam-packed full of antioxidants, magnesium, and iron and I even help aid weight loss so you never have to feel guilty about the choc ever again.

And guess what, I’m also an aphrodisiac 

I even create new neural pathways in your brain that helps to transform your daily experience to include more joy, love, and connection.

People say that when they drink me, I help them feel euphoric and electric – #humblebrag.

When drinking me you can experience increased blood flow, mood elevation, creativity, and an expanded state of consciousness.

I’ll be your daily sidekick helping you to create the best day ever every damn day, support you to be superhuman, bring more sacred ritual and intention into your life and keep your vibes high.

  • Heart Expansion

    Freedom Cacao will heal, open and expand your heart into higher potential. Freedom infuse their love and care into every package.

    Literally from the moment Freedom Cacao is planted in Mother Earth, it is infused with freedom and love. And these frequencies are integrated into the entire harvesting process all the way until it reaches you.

  • Highest Plant Based Source of Iron

    On a plant-based/vegan diet and looking for iron?  The search is over!  Cacao is the highest plant-based source of iron known to man, at a whopping 7.3mg per 100g.  This compares to beef and lamb at 2.5mg, and spinach at 3.6mg.  Note the iron in cacao is non-heme (as is all plant-based iron), so to get the maximum benefits you’ll want to combine it with some vitamin C.

  • Mood Elevator & Anti-Depressant

    Cacao is a great source of four scientifically proven bliss chemicals – serotonin, tryptophan, tyrosine and phenylethylamine.  These neurotransmitters are associated with cosy feelings of wellbeing, happiness, and can even alleviate depression.  A natural, healthy, delicious (and legal) way to get your happy buzz on.

  • Magnesium for Healthy Heart & Brain

    Raw Organic Cacao is also one of the highest plant-based sources of magnesium, the most deficient mineral in the Western world. Magnesium is important for a healthy heart and helps turn glucose into energy enabling your brain to work with laser-sharp clarity and focus.

Want to know more about the benefits, the magic and healing and how this can be one of your rituals?

Watch this video where I share all of my love for this sacred plant medicine, how it has supported and changed my life and why I believe everyone needs to add this to their life!