Beautiful One, Are You Feeling....

Disconnected from your feminine essence & sensual energy?

Like you are missing your internal spark of fire & joy?

Ready to create a sacred relationship with your womb space to awaken your creative energy & brith your divine sacred gifts, wisdom & magic into the world?

Stuck in your over thinking, limiting belief patterns that you can't seem to shift?

Feeling stuck & lacking motivation to keep your energy flowing & moving forward on your path with more confidence?

A little lost with what & where to go next, overwhelmed with inspiration but struggling to make it happen?

You are missing some parts of yourself & the courage to embody who you are as a soul & divine goddess on earth?

You desire to increase feelings of play, joy, abundance, passion & love?

This is the perfect match for you if you are feeling this in your body...

Client Love

When I said yes to Sensually Embodied I was at a crossroads in my life, I was going through a break up & feeling overwhelmed with where I was heading. I was feeling disconnected from my body, tired & overall lacking energy & passion. This completely changed my relationship with myself & my whole world! I experienced my first expanded self pleasure orgasm & noticed how this also helped my experience in partnership. I felt an complete shift in my energy & self worth & fell in love with my body & my breasts from not loving this part of myself after having a baby, I found this love from the inside. I beleive every woman needs this to come home to themselves & ignite their fire that is waiting for them. It was life changing. Thank you Ashara for holding a sacred safe space

Kirsty Shorten ~ Biz & Spiritual Coach

Beautiful One, Are You Ready to....

Feel connected to Your Divine Sensual Body?

Re-Ignite Your Sexual Fire & Sexual Power?

Awaken the Creative Portal of Your Womb so that you can birth your Divine Purpose & Spiritual Gifts?

Clear limiting blocks & energies that are feeling restrictive

Open & Activate Your Sacred Feminine Gateways for Expansion of Your Wild Feminine Essence?

Activate Codes of Abundance, Joy, Passion & Love?

Get Crystal Clear on Your Hearts True Desires

Feel & Embody Your Sensual Goddess Energy

Feel & Embody more of this as The Embodied Sensual Energy

Awaken your sacred body into feeling more play, joy, liberation, creativity & Sensuality

Feel your radiance & life force energy
Be vulnerable, compassionate & authentic
Be receptive to divine guidance & trust your intuition
Feel confident in your body
Know what your desire & how you like to be touched & held
Awaken feeling in your womb U& connection to your divine inner wisdom
Honour your body temple and listen to its needs. 
Speak truth with love & clarity
Speak kindly to yourself and embody self love.
Connect with your goddess energy
Know your power & strength
Embody your inner power, beauty & strength
Be guided by your heart & soul
Have more fun & feel your playful energy
Don’t feel the need to chase or force because you are aligned with the natural flow of the universe
Have a healthy relationship with your masculine
Radiate energy that is calming & nurturing.
Feel grounded.
Listen and communicate with clarity.
Know you are worthy, whole and accept all parts of yourself.

 Your aura is radiant and full of light.
Embody the Goddess you know you are.

What You Receive

Lifetime access to all course content through easily to use online portal to watch & embody in your own divine time

Group calls recorded

Embodiment tools to awaken your sacred feminine energy gateways & orgasmic bliss

Video: Zoey Earth - Yoni Steaming
Everything you need to know

Audio Activations for Your Soul

Light Language Activations

BONUS: Embody Your energy Chakra Breathwork Embodiment Journey

Pleasure bundle (value $88) include: Videos - how to prepare for self pleasure, breast massage, Yoga for sexual energy, Womb healing meditation, Yoni massage/de armouring, breathwork video & guidance, bonus meditations

Sensual Breathwork

Journal Activations & Womb Connection to reveal parts of yourself that are ready to be seen, healed & loved

YES to my Sensual Self