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Ashara Rose Love

90 minutes: AromaTouch Reiki & Light Language

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Indulge yourself in the deepest healing and relaxation as you allow yourself to completely tune out from the outside & sink into a space of receiving. 

AromaTouch is a doTERRA Essential Oil Technique which invites the body into relaxation, balance & overall well-being. Guiding your body to release, soften & feel an entire boost as the oils work their magic with light touch, accessing the meridian points and entering into all the internal organs and systems for deep restoration & renewal.

Light Language is a powerful energy channelling which speaks directly to your soul, recoding & clearing DNA & Activating new codes that your soul is ready for. The healing goes beyond the logical mind and directly to the soul & will work with you and where you are on your journey. 

Includes Intuitive guidance, Angel Card Reading & 10ml Essential Oil Roller Blend