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Whats included

A sacred online space to embody the activations & tools in your own divine time, you will have lifetime access to come back and re activte another level of your ABUNDANCE Frequency each time you embody the magic

Are you ready to heal your relationship with ABUNDANCE?

This is inviting you to choose a much higher ABUNDANT path that is always available for you

It is time to move away from the old lack programming & fear of money that is keeping you stuck & not allowing you to truly open to the limitless ABUNDANCE that is waiting for you!

Are you done with the money struggles & trying to get ahead?

Are you ready to call in more love & peace?

You know there is more waiting for you,

You know there is more ABUNDANCE

You know you are worthy of this ABUNDANCE

It just feels there is something in the way, you understand all the money mindset work but it just doesn't seem to be showing up & becoming your reality like you know it can be

I feel you, I am here to guide you to see what is in the way of the ABUNDANCE for you. To help you to unblock your path to higher ABUNDANCE, LOVE & PEACE

Knowing you are already worthy of this, it simply can be the decision to do something more about it, to tell the universe you are done with the way things are and you are ready & open to try something new ...

You are ready for more



This is what we came here for and each of you are worthy & capable of having it ALL

Ashara Rose has deep comapssion for the struggles that we go through, she has experienced many dark night of the soul and specially in relation to lacking ABUNDANCE, the decision was to change this, to choose again and to EMBODY the true ABUNDANCE codes she knew were her birthright & everyone has this within them

The desire to see more beautiful souls living in this ABUNDANT Frequency runs deep as she has seen the shifts it has made in her life and these simple powerful & potent tools that can EXPAND your ABUNDANCE Frequency beyond what you thought was possible

By getting out of your own way, trusting in the limitless, infinite ABUNDANCE the tools & practices she will be sharing with you have created the biggest impact on her ABUNDANCE energy & feeling this more and more every single day is what it takes to choose this higher path of ABUNDANCE

She comes from her true authentic heart, rawness & truth standing in your shoes & can see exactly what is in the way, as we all journey together to raise the ABUNDANT Frequency we are all working through these deeper core patterns, stories & limiting beliefs that have been keeping us in the lack & 3D energy around money, love & peace

The intention for this is to see you completely shift your energy, frequency & thoughts around ABUNDANCE and re-activate your true divine ABUNDANCE codes as fast as your SOUL is ready for...

Be the Magnetic Goddess & Activate your ABUNDNACE NOW

No longer do we need to be living this way....

feeling like you never have enough to pay the bills

feeling like you are always worried about having enough money to do the things you love

worried about how you are going to survice, in survival mode

Doubting our worthiness for our hearts true desires

Feeling lack of pleasure & sexual desire

Our nervous system is struggling with all of these worries, it is the biggest cause of stress to be worrying about living & making ends meet

We are here for so much more than this and you know it which is why you have landed here!

What you will be feeling...

As you move through this divine sacred offering you will instantly

feel yourself aligning more with the energy of ABUNDANCE in every area of your life

Relationships, Pleasure, Soul, Heart, Career, Living

Feel more trust that everything is working out for you & you are deeply supported as you embody who you are as a sensual, sexual & magnetic BEing

Build trust in the divine flow of ABUNDANCE & open your channel to receive MORE

Feel more love & peace in your heart

Embody your new abundant energy daily with quick powerful tools

FREE yourself from old stories & lack thoughts in your mind

Be able to bring deep loving awareness to the thoughts that are keeping you stuck

Open your self to receive the divine flow of abundance that is waiting for you

You will begin to magnetize more of your hearts desires & magic to you as you emody your new ABUNDANT FREQUENCY

Ashara Rose Love

Abundant Frequency

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Join a supportive online space where you will receive weekly guidance to Activate & Align with your highest Abundant Codes & Path for more LOVE, MONEY & PEACE

Rewrite your Abundance Codes & Embody this new way it BEing, living from your true divine authentic ABUNDANCE energy & frequency


Whats included

Weekly guidance, activations & empowerment to embody your ABUNDANCE energy & Frequency

Weekly updates as they are intuitively received, where you can connect & receive in your own space & divine timing

Weekly cards, rituals, audio & journal activations to activate & clear

Light Language transmissions to clear, recode & rewire your ABUNDANCE energy

Guided meditations & breath work embodiment practices to align you with the most MAGNETIC + ABUNDANT version of yourself

More magic will be shared and revealed as we journey together in this space and guidance is received for your highest aligned soul path & expansion

Lets do this Goddess

Say YES to your HEART & SOUL, to rising, expanding & radiating your true authentic heart light out into the world, if you are ready for more ABUNDANCE, magic, passion, excitement, alignment, connection, flow, joy & love then answer the call in your heart and let's open up the expansion path for you to LIMITLESS ABUNDANCE

As you say YES to embodying your true divine ABUNDANT frequency & living in the new earth you are saying YES to so much more than you can see. The intention is for you to open up the channel to more ABUNDANCE, FREEDOM, MAGIC, JOY & LOVE and begin living your best life as the highest version of you. You know you are ready to feel more free to BE who you came here to BE. Say YES to a new version of yourself now! I can't wait to share this with you Goddess, Let's rise in LOVE & ABUNDANCE together

Ashara Rose

The MAGIC included

The intetention with the way this journey is held is to make is easy for you to connect with the content & magic in your own time & not adding another thing to your schedule that feels overwhelming.

You will be able to jump into the online channel and receive what your heart is calling for in the moment. As I am channelling what is most divinely guided for your souls path.

Listen to a activating audio while you are doing other daily rituals to help you anchor into the frequency & align you with your most authentic self

When you choose to join this opportunity, you will be opening up more space & time for the things that truly light up your soul. You will feel more spacious & flow as you move through your normal day.

As we have been conditioned to believe we need to know all the details, I invite you to trust you will receive what your soul is calling for as you have been shown this opportunity, there is always a reason. The next step is to listen to your heart & say YES. Get signed up NOW & I look forward to welcome you into the space.

Abundance Frequency is held in an online space where you can access in your own divine space, you can listen to audios on the go, in the car, washing the dishes or anytime you are needing an uplift & to shift your frequency.

The space includes divinely channelled guidance, activations, coaching & soul connection embodiment tools

Guidance & Group Empowerment to embody your divine ABUNDANT energy & frequency.

Connect with other divine goddesses & hold space for each other to shine their authentic light

Angel cards, rituals & journal activations to guide you on your path & connect with your soul essence

Light Language transmissions to help clear & upgrade your DNA, Cells & Activate Your Soul ABUNDANCE Codes

Guided meditations & breath work embodiment practices

More magic will be shared and revealed as we journey together in this space

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