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Ashara Rose Love

Cacao Breathwork Embodiment Journey

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2.5 hour Transformational Breathwork & Cacao Embodiment Journey. Kirsten will guide you through a beautiful activation using the medicine of ceremonial cacao, to bring you into a deeply blissful, relaxed & peaceful space. This journey will invite you to drop into your body, come into a deep sacred space, feel more connected & open your heart to receive. Connect with your Soul & release all the layers that are holding you back from shining brighter. You will feel a shift into your entire being. Become your own powerful healer & feel the shifts within that create a feeling of more light & peaceful.

Whats included

Videos: Everything you need to prepare for breathwork & integrate
Tools, videos & tips how to prepare Ceremonial Cacao & receive its magic
2.5 hour audio & video - Cacao Embodiment & Sacred Practice, Holotropic Guided Breathwork Journey with High Frequency Music.

This is open to any level of practice, suitable for beginners. Please check medical contras if you have any respiratory/breathing health concerns.

Life time access & login.

Are you ready to feel more light & peaceful?