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Ashara Rose Love

Embody Your Energy

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Activation and daily embodiment into creating a conscious relationship & deeper connection with your energy body, Chakras & healing more deeply through the magic & power of your breathe.

I am so excited to invite you on this journey, this is powerful work when you combine chakras, energy, intentions, breathwork and so much more, the changes you can create in every area of your life is truly endless when you tap into this POWER & the natural healer that you are.


Who is this calling?

This journey is created for you to take yourself through and embody and create a more conscious relationship and connection with your chakras and your energetic body to feel more empowered, heal yourself, increase your energy and bring your body into alignment and balance in every area of your life. To deepen and develop your spiritual practice. Connect more deeply with your heart & intuition and trust the guidance you receive.  This is the pathway to higher expansion, connection, abundance, love & activating more of your light body.

Whats included

Chakra Embodiment Journey - 9 weeks

Activation into creating a conscious relationship with your energy body, chakras and healing more deeply through the magic and power of your breathe

💎Videos on how to practice this breathwork & integration

💎Frequency music playlists for each Charka

💎Breathwork Meditation Journey for each chakra (20-30mins)

💎Daily breathwork to embody all of your chakras

💎Questions to check for balance

💎Journals activations and tips for integration & healing

💎Other tools, what foods you can eat, yoga poses, music, mantras, mudras, colour, essential oils, crystals etc you can use to support each chakra

💎Affirmations to create new conscious patterns and positive vibrations in the body

💎BONUS Daily Chakra Breathwork Journey (6-10mins)

The intention is for you to really connect and create a deep conscious relationship with your chakras so you can support your emotional, physical, spiritual health through your energy and bring your body and mind into more peace, balance and alignment.

Currently this includes the 7 physical chakras in the body. I will be adding the Earth star chakra and the Soul star also so once you have gone through the 7 main chakras you can work with these ones which are the next level powerful step to activating your light body and connecting more with source and the earth.

You will receive everything in an email and can access anytime from phone or computer.

I recommend starting at the base root chakra and staying with this for a week while integrating and doing everything that supports the root chakra balance and healing. This is truly such a beauitful way to rise up in these times, to step into more spiritual growth, connection with your energy body and your connection to source and so much more.

This energy connects us to a deeper part of ourselves, our higher self. Our higher self holds the wisdom of our soul, our purpose and is connected to oneness of all things.

The state of our energy system greatly impacts the way we experience life. Having tools to work with your own energy is empowering and sets up a structure to live life from the inside out in comparison to reacting to circumstances from outside in, when we practice responding from the inside we can come from a place of more love, courage and peace rather than fear and doubt. 

Our chakras are the 7 main energy centers in the body which are connected to mental, physical and spiritual. In this Embody Your Energy Journey, included is two very powerful chakras that are outside the body, we work on these once we have balanced the 7 energy centers in the body. Earth Star is below the feet and Soul Star is above the Crown Chakra. These two chakras are the next step on your spiritual journey once embodied the 7 main chakras in the body.

The intention is for you to work through each chakra one week at a time (or as you feel guided to work through how you choose)

Tune into which chakra is calling for your connection & healing. You will have everything you need to create transformation & experience changes as you connect, heal and expand in your energy body the things in your life will be shifting to align with you new energetic vibration.

Ready to embody your energy?