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Ashara Rose Love

Embodying Your Highest Path Breathwork Journey

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1.5 hour Embodying Your Highest Path Breathwork Cacao Journey Guided holotropic breathwork to release the old version of you and step into your highest divine path. You will end the journey in a totally new frequency & vibration, leaving behind past experiences and expanding into your highest expanded self and opening up the higher possibilities available for you now. This type of breathwork is deeply transformative on a physical, emotional, spiritual & soul level.

Whats included

Videos - Everything you need to prepare & integrate the healing
1.5 hours includes Ceremonial Cacao Embodiment & Activation
High frequency sound healing music
60 minutes Holotropic Breathwork Journey
Sensual Embodiment to activate your sexual energy & flow

*Included in Course Sexy, Flowing & Glowing

Quantum leap into your magnetic reality and embody all parts of yourself

Embody, align & feel more of the Sexy, Flowing & Glowing Women that you are,

Lifetime access.
This type of breathwork can be practiced once per week.

Are you ready to embody your highest path?