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Ashara Rose Love

Full Set: Essential Oils Chakra 10ml Roller Blends

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Chakra doTERRA Essential Oil Roller blends activated with Reiki & Light Language & Crystals

Use these to support healing, opening & balancing your energy centres & to bring your emotional, spiritual & physical energy into alignment. 

Each blend is made with oils to support the your energy body & balance of overall well-being

Includes 7 x 10ml Essential Oils Roller Bottles with doTERRA Essential Oils & Fractionated Coconut oil & Crystals activated with Light Language & Reiki

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Who is this calling?

This journey is created for you to take yourself through and embody and create a more conscious relationship and connection with your chakras and your energetic body to feel more empowered, heal yourself, increase your energy and bring your body into alignment and balance in every area of your life. To deepen and develop your spiritual practice. Connect more deeply with your heart & intuition and trust the guidance you receive.  This is the pathway to higher expansion, connection, abundance, love & activating more of your light body.

Whats included

Root Chakra:
Grounding, Support & Connection to Mother Earth, Physical health, Sleep, Stability, strength
Affirmation: I am grounded & supported

Sacral Chakra: Creativity, Sexuality, Flow, Alignment, Relationships, Connection, Abundance
Affirmation: I am in flow with life & love and accept myself

Solar Plexus: Confidence, Self Worth, Empowerment, Courage, Personal Power, Actions, Abundance
Affirmation: I am whole, I am powerful 

Heart Chakra: Compassion, Love, Expansion & Light
Affirmation: I am healed & loved

Throat Chakra: Authentic Expression, Communication, Truth
Affirmation: I speak my truth with trust

Third Eye Chakra: Higher Self, Intuition, Visions, Dreams, Clarity of direction, Spiritual Gateway, Awareness
Affirmation: I trust my intuition & guidance I receive

Crown Chakra: Spirituality, Divine Connection, Channel, Enlightenment, Consciousness, Presence
Affirmation: I am connected to the universal flow of abundance 

The Charka's are the perfect way to bring connection to your life force energy & potential within.

This energy connects us to a deeper part of ourselves, our higher self. Our higher self holds the wisdom of our soul, our purpose and is connected to oneness of all things.

The state of our energy system greatly impacts the way we experience life. Having tools to work with your own energy is empowering and sets up a structure to live life from the inside out in comparison to reacting to circumstances from outside in, when we practice responding from the inside we can come from a place of more love, courage and peace rather than fear and doubt. 

Our chakras are the 7 main energy centers in the body which are connected to mental, physical and spiritual.

The energy frequency & healing properties of the essential oils are magnified and enhanced as they pass through the energy of the crystals. When applied to the skin this information merges and synchronises with the body creating powerful synergistic effects.

The positive changes occur as the elements communicate through frequency as the vibration of essential oil and the vibration of the crystal come together, the healing of each are enhanced and the frequency is raised to the highest frequency possible.

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Ready to embody your energy & Chakras?