All about Chakras & Energy

All about Chakras & Energy

Hello Beautiful,

Ready to dive deep & learn more about the power of healing & balancing your Charkas!?

Lets chat about energy...

There is a powerful flow of energy within each of us. This energy connects the physical body to the spiritual body. This energy is the underlying force of all things.

Everyone of us has the opportunity to work with this energy for better physical health, happiness, joy & balance.

This energy connects us to a deeper part of ourselves, our higher self. Our higher self holds the wisdom of our soul, our purpose & is connected to the oneness of everything. 

The state of our energy system has a huge impact on how we experience our life.
This is exactly why is so powerful to have tools to work with your own energy & feel empowered on your journey. 

When our energy is out of balance, we experience more fear, doubt, anxiety, depression & other low vibrations.

Let's chat about the Chakra's

The Chakra system is over three thousand years old with roots in many ancient cultures. The Chakra system is complex, however can be simplified and be a very effective way to work with energy.

We have 7 main Chakras in our physical body and more in our Aura & Energy Body including Earth & Spirit

We begin with the 7 main energy centres by brining conscious awareness to these we can begin to heal & expand our spiritual growth.

Each Chakra is connected to different areas of our life. If you are feeling like your are not grounded, overthinking & struggling to feel supported in life, this is a clear sign your Root Chakra is not balanced.

The Chakras are multi dimensional meaning there is endless ways to support and balance the chakras, you are already doing some of these daily. When you begin to create a more conscious relationship with your energy & chakras you will notice the transformation & shifts you feel & see in your physical reality.

Often we are so focused on healing the physical but it all begins with the thoughts and energy & once we bring these into more alignment & balance you can watch you life change.

My favourite ways to balance Chakras:

~ Grounding with barefoot on the earth 
~ Yoga & Meditation
~ Breathwork
~ Essential Oils
~ Colours
~ Crystals
~ Toning & Chanting
~ Light Language
~ Reiki
~ Sound Healing

I invite you to explore these & see how you feel when you connect to each chakra and visualise the colour related to that chakra, you open up the pathway for deeper healing.

If you feel called to explore further. Embody Your Energy is a 9 week Breathwork Chakra Journey. By the end of this Journey you will know your Charkas, feel connected to your energy body on a much deeper level & feel like a completely new version of yourself.

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