Ceremonial Cacao & Benefits

Ceremonial Cacao & Benefits

I have found the ONE!

What if you could receive all of this yourself!? It is totally possible, the healing and benefits are endless and will take you on a journey you never knew possible. Mama Cacao is full of so much amazing healing goodness and multi dimensional powers! 

When you put it out there for something to support you, Mama Cacao comes into your life in perfect divine alignment, she is here to guide you on your journey, to hold you, to be there with you as you transform into the true authentic version of YOU. Mama Cacao will bring you into your body, to feel all of you, to listen to your inner hearts calling and give you the push forward on your path.

You will be blown away by her healing powers and it doesn't stop here, she works with the individual and what you are needing so you may discover some other beautiful powerful healing powers yourself.

As I embody her everyday, intentionally connecting with her daily, I unlock and reveal more layers of myself, I find more of me under all the layers, I discover who I am more and more every day. I connect more deeply with myself and increase my feeling of happiness and joy!

Here it is! Lets go are you ready for it?

Heart Healing, Connection & Activation
Supports self-love, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance, opening more to give and receive love in a balanced way, activates feelings of joy, happiness and trust

Balance Masculine & Feminine Energy
Creates harmony and allows us to get into flow of life and letting go of control. Coming into a more balanced, peaceful and calm grounded space

Enhance Creativity & Connection
Helps to clear creative blocks and connect us with our inner creative energy. You may notice ideas and inspiration flowing and inner guidance becomes clearer, my favourite way to get in the moment and allow the gifts to come through

High in Antioxidants, Full of Vitamins, Minerals, Magnesium
Known as the TOP Superfood, this includes Vitamins A,C,E, Beta Carotene, Lycopene, Selenium, Manganese, Flavonols & double Theobromine

Powerful Aphrodisiac
YES Mama Cacao will help you in the bedroom! Contains Phenyletamine, known as the love chemical, helps to awaken the senses & also supports attentiveness, elevated mood & helpful for ADHD, PTSD & depression

Natural Energy Booster
Receive a gentle uplifting, slow release of energy & focus. You will not get the crash like you would with coffee

More benefits:

+ Full of Healthy Fats
+ Mood Elevator
+ Grounding & Calming
+ Increases Focus & Clarity
+ Activates Creative Flow & Energy
+ Connect with Higher Self
+ Release Past & Suppressed Emotions
+ Clear through Block to Move Forward
+ Powerful Aphrodisiac
+ Feel in Love
+ Enhance Spiritual Practice
+ Open & Enhance all Senses
+ Connect with Emotional, Spiritual Body
+ Powerful & Potent Superfood
+ Improve Memory
+ Boosts Immune System
+ Clears Mental Clutter
+ Moderates Pain Perception
+ Regulates Appetite & Mood
+ Increases Blood Flow & Nutrition to Brain, Heart & Skin
+ Heightened Awareness
+ Awaken Consciousness & Spirituality

Ceremonial Cacao is the most pure you can get to chocolate, the benefits as you can see are amazing! It is important to source good quality ceremonial cacao to receive full benefits.

Everyday I drink my Cacao I have a different experience, it takes me on a journey and I now feel a little addicted to this experience, as it helps me to fully be present in my body, ground & listen to my inner guidance and then let that lead me.

There is times where I feel completely HIGH on life and in the highest vibration, loving life and full of happiness and joy, dancing is one of my favourite ways to move the energy through me and let the creativity flow

Other times I have more of an inward journey feeling the calling to be still and meditate or let emotions rise. I find if I am not fully present and intentional when I drink the medicine I don't notice it as much as to when I take time to sit with it and then practice a breathwork meditation to help activate the medicine in my body.

I recommend using breathwork as a tool. You will receive a FREE guided breathwork with your first order. Check out the other options I have available here.

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