What is Light Language & the benefits?

What is Light Language & the benefits?

My first experience with Light Language was with a Beautiful Leader holding Galactic Federation & Light Language Meditations a couple of years ago. As soon as I heard it I knew I was going to speak this (everyone can!)


It was the same feeling with Yoga, Cacao, Essential oils, my soul speaks & just feels so at home with these healing rituals and feels the transformation in myself, knowing there is so many more people calling for this too!


So I started to dive deeper, read books, join courses etc & then practice. My favourite place always to channel is on the beach


I started with hand gestures, just letting myself flow & play. I begun singing light language & now speaking & WOW it has opened up so much & shifted alot for me.


I feel so connected to the divine, supported and safe when I speak Light Language, I feel so much more connected with my higher self & my mission & it brings me so much joy & love.


I am grateful to embody this healing for this time. As we come back to love & our hearts calling. I will be including this in my coaching, Circles & Offerings as I guide you to activate your higher path & Awaken more of who you are and who you came here to BE.


So I wanted to share with you a little more about Light Language & the benefits.

However it is not about understanding it, it truly is just a calling, if you feel called to it, listen to your soul & let that now guide you in the best direction, your heart will know.


What Is Light Language


Light Language can not be understood by the logic mind, it is received by the heart & consciousness. It bypasses the logic of the brain & speaks directly to your soul.


It is an energy & frequency transmission with light codes channelled from higher beings & divine Source. It is an umbrella term used to describe various languages of other dimensional beings such as the Galactic Light Beings, Acturians, Pleiadians, Sirians, Lyrans & Andromedans as well as forgotten civilisations that existed here on Earth such as Lemuria and Atlantis. Most importantly, Light Language is a potent, powerful spiritual tool similar to other forms of sound & energy healing.


It is a healing that works on a vibrational level, on the physical & subtle energetic levels.

It awakens memory in your DNA & you will receive the healing exactly where your body, mind & soul needs it at the time.


You receive the healing & light codes through your heart, to best receive allow yourself to come into a space of love & gratitude.


This language speaks directly to the soul, we do not need to translate it, just trust that what is meant for us will be received & embodied in the most divine aligned way. It always comes from the light, from High Vibrational Beings (in the way that aligns with your soul) to support you on your path.


Light Language is here as an ascension tool to help break free from the conditioned patterns of the logic mind to activate more intuitive, telepathic communication between humans & other higher dimensional beings, energies & realms. It is a powerful pathway to connect more deeply with divine source & ascend on your higher path, moving through blocks & limiting beliefs that are holding you back in the old 3D reality.


Light Language can come through in many different ways, some of them are:


Hand gestures

Speaking & singing

Written & Art




All of them are just as powerful as each other. Everyone will have their own journey with it.


What is a Light Language Activation or a Light Language Transmission


Light Language activation, can support you to awaken dormant soul gifts & activate your own soul Light Language. It can be received as a divine healing & activation to clear your path & move forward.


Light Language Transmission is combined with the power of intention & frequencies of light, true magic happens. The Light Language is used as a tool for reprogramming your energetic field for a specific purpose. It can be a flow of love, abundance, vitality, healing, creativity - you choose. During Transmission Light Language is used as a coding device for energy to work deep beyond the levels of the conscious or subconscious mind and to repair or rewire energetic patterns that may be negatively affecting your day to day life & holding you back on your soul aligned path.


Benefits of Light Language when receiving & channelling

  • Opens & clears chakras

  • Removes mental blocks

  • Cleansing of negative energies & attachments

  • Awaken soul memories

  • Activate light body

  • Align with true self

  • Open channel for higher realms

  • Connection to higher self

  • Heals etheric level of body

  • Clearing past & aligning with new higher vibration

  • Activate your Light Language

  • Awakening & Opening Heart

  • Healing on emotional, Physical & Spirtual Level

  • Raise your vibration

  • Support ascension into 5th dimension

If you are feeling called to dive deeper on this path and receive a personal Coaching & Light Language Activation & Transmission please get in touch with Ashara Rose to find an offer that aligns for you & where you are on your journey.


Click here for a FREE Light Language Meditation to start embodying this divine frequency now

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